The Road to Emmaus

Series: On the Road with Jesus

Sermon Title: The Road to Emmaus

Text: Luke 24:13-35


  • Fallen Condition Focus: Blindness in Scripture is a symbol of ignorance and unbelief. We are a people who are blind to God's salvation in Jesus Christ. We can be blind to the risen Christ, walking right beside us. We sometimes stubbornly hold to this blindness.
  • Sermon Proposition: Since Jesus comes alongside of us to open our eyes so that we know him, we ought to respond to him at each stage of our journey urging him to touch us with his grace.

I. Jesus comes alongside of us (Luke 24:15-28)

II. Jesus teaches us about himself from the Scriptures (24:25-27)

III. Jesus stays with us and graciously opens our eyes (24:28-31)


Where are you on your journey with Christ? Do you realize that he is walking alongside of you today?

Speaker: Grant Goble
March 31, 2024

Luke 24:13-35'>Luke 24:13-35

Grant Goble

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