Take Words with You


  • Fallen Condition Focus: Because of our sin toward God and our broken relationship with him or even because of the impact of the discouraging events of life, we may give up communication with God. We can easily fall into despair and accept that this is separation and distance we feel in our hearts is the new normal. We believe the lie that God has abandoned us and he does not love us.
  • Sermon Proposition: Since the Lord is merciful and desires to restore the broken covenant, we ought to return to him with penitential prayer.

I. Return with the gift of penitential prayer to the Lord (14:1-3)

A. Take words with you (14:2)

B. Sincere confession (14:2)

C. A whole-hearted commitment to do what is right (14:3)

II. Return with the promise of healing and restoration (14:4-8)

A. Healing of apostasy (14:4)

B. Healing of the divine-human relationship (14:4)

C. Restoration and prosperity (14:5-8)

III. Return with the instruction of wisdom that saves from destruction (14:9)

A. The path of wisdom vs. the path of foolishness

B. The upright vs. the transgressor

C. Walking vs. stumbling

So What? -- Our Prayer: Stop worrying about politeness and blurt it out!

Speaker: Grant Goble
March 17, 2024

Hosea 14:1-9'>Hosea 14:1-9

Grant Goble

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