Our Scattering


  • Fallen Condition Focus: Sometimes we miss opportunities to share the gospel because we are focused on ourselves and our personal situation. We turn inward and become absorbed with our problems unable to share the good news with others. In this we miss God's plan for scattering us among the peoples.
  • Sermon Proposition: Since the Lord scatters his people to be a witness to his salvation in Christ, we ought to see even times of crisis and necessity as opportunities to share the Gospel with others.

I. Let us take the message of the truth of Christ to others (Acts 8:5)

II. Let us take the message of the love of Christ to others (Acts 8:7b)

III. Let us take the message of the hope of Christ to others (Acts 8:7a)

Speaker: Grant Goble
June 9, 2024

Acts 8:1'>Acts 8:1

Grant Goble

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