Amazon Smile

How To Shop Amazon Smile

1. Visit And we recommend bookmarking this page so you'll land on the smile page every-time you shop.​

2. Sign into your account if you're not already, and search for ORESTIMBA PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH as your charity of choice. Once you make this selection, you will receive an email confirmation. You are now all set to support OPC with your everyday purchases!

3. Shop as normal. Most items are eligible for an Amazon Smile donation, but they will let you know if something is not. Shop as usual, and watch the donations add up!

How To Shop Amazon Smile on Mobile

One of the drawbacks to AmazonSmile, is you have to make your purchases through the AmazonSmile site. Purchases through the regular Amazon site and their mobile site won't give a donation. Fortunately, there's a work around.

1. If you regularly shop Amazon through your mobile browser, simply navigate to instead and you're set! It will be a very similar experience to what you are used to.

2. If you regularly shop Amazon through the Amazon app, you could add items to your cart via the app but finish the checkout process on your browser. (Just make sure you are at Or you could take these sets on your Apple device:


1. Visit in Safari.

2. Next, hit the share button at the bottom middle of your screen.

3 Now click add to Home Screen. You have just created a shortcut to the Amazon Smile page to easily navigate here from the homepage.

4. Finally, delete your existing Amazon App so you will always shop with a smile.