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God's Purpose Fulfilled In Us

by Grant Goble on May 14, 2020


Read Psalm 57


I cry out to God Most High, to God who fulfills his purpose for me. Ps. 57:2 (ESV)

This verse reminds us that our life is in God's hands. He is good and promises good to those whom he has chosen to bring near through the blood of Jesus Christ his Son.

God's goodness is expressed in many ways, but one of those is that he has a purpose for our lives that is woven into his plan of redemption, his Purpose. As a child of God, we discover our place in God's Purposes as we abide in him and his love day by day (John 15). As we bear fruit for his glory, we understand God's purposes for us. We are humbled that God chooses sinners like us by grace to be his children and to carry out his will on earth.

David had to call on God for deliverance from his enemies. In this psalm he expressed his need for God to rescue him. He directed his prayer to God Most High, to God who fulfills his purpose for his life.

David knew that he would become king. But that might have seemed so far away when he was having to live as an outlaw in Israel chased by King Saul. He had to wait upon God for God to fulfill the promise he had given to him through the prophet Samuel.

Until then, his faith was tested as he patiently lived as a fugitive and exile. This particular psalm came from a time in which he was hiding in a cave from King Saul. He escaped the army of Saul. God had put his hand upon him and would protect him so that God might fulfill his purpose for David.

David's purpose was not merely to be the king of Israel, but to also be the chosen instrument of God to bring the Messiah. The Messiah would be the descendant of David. David did not know all the purposes God had for his life.

You and I are given a purpose in God's Purposes. Our purpose may not be to become president of the United States, but most likely it is something more foundational than that. We are called by God to live as his children doing his will for his Purposes (Matt. 6:10; 7:21; 12:50). In God's Purposes we find our great purpose for life every day. There are divine purposes for our lives that are yet to be revealed, that we can't see or understand right now.

One of God's Purposes that he calls some of us to participate in directly is to serve as faithful and loving parents training and instructing our children in the way of the Lord. This may not seem like a grand purpose, but it actually is. It is a profound thing to be a parent of a child and to be given the responsibility to raise the child for God. The children God gives are his children that he is entrusting to you and me to love and nurture in the faith, hope, and love of Jesus Christ. Others of us are called to nurture children who may not be our biological children, but are entrusted to us to pray for, to teach, and to love.

"The Children for Christ" (Anonymous) 

Dear Lord, I do not ask
That Thou shouldst give me some high work of Thine,
Some noble calling, or some wondrous task.
Give me a little hand to hold in mine;
Give me a little child to point the way
Over the strange, sweet path that leads to Thee.
Give me a little voice to teach to pray;
Give me two shining eyes Thy face to see.
The only crown I ask, dear Lord, to wear
Is this: That I may teach a little child.
I do not ask that I may ever stand
Among the wise, the worthy or the great;
I only ask that softly, hand in hand,
A child and I may enter at the gate. 

What would the nation of Israel have been like if Hannah had not borne Samuel? Where would our salvation be if Mary had not received the divine calling to be the mother of the Messiah? To be a parent is not just a biological necessity. It is a God-given purpose in which we are blessed to nurture the next generation in the faith. God will fulfill his purposes for you and for your family so that you may be a blessing to the nations.

We are invited to pray to the Lord Most High with great confidence that he will fulfill his purposes for us as he fulfills his great Purpose of salvation for the world.


O great and mighty God, we call upon you to fulfill your purposes for each of us. Remind us that it all begins with loving you with all our heart, soul, and strength, and loving one another. Enable us to do your will today right where we find ourselves. Make us a people of hope that can bring your hope to the world. Thank you for calling us to be faithful parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts. Assist us by your grace to lead and love the next generation. Help our children to grow in the knowledge of your salvation in Jesus Christ. Make them your instruments of peace for the generation to come. Amen.


Listen to this song and rest in God's love for you.

"We Want to See Jesus Lifted High"  (Written and performed by Doug Horley)   Click here.

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